Shade for the baby


You won’t have to worry about sun protection in the pram with the Naturkind awning. You can easily adjust the awning depending on the sun’s angle so that your baby is shaded over a broad area. The awning is made from 100% organic cotton.

Available in 6 colours:

Erdmännchen, Salbei, Siebenschläfer, Flowers, Kornblume, Panther

39,90 €

naturkind kinderwagen - sonnenschutz


The awning can be quickly attached to the pram with a long rubber band. It fits both the baby basket and later the pushchair attachment.

naturkind kinderwagen - sonnenschutz sonnensegel

Orient Yourself
to the Sun

You can align the awning so that your baby is always shaded over a broad area simply by moving it. An indispensable accessory for beautiful summer days.

Dimensions & Care Instructions/h4>

Size: length: 57 cm, width: 65 cm
Fabric parts: organic cotton (controlled organic cultivation)

Washable at up to 30° Celsius on the delicate washing cycle. Remove the bracket before washing.

We Place Our Trust in Nature.

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