Turn the cosy footmuff into a carrying bag

Little Carryboard

Your baby is sleeping peacefully in the stroller and you’d like to take it out of the stroller? The Little Carryboard allows you to turn the footmuff into a carrying bag and to lift your child easily out of the hard carrycot. To ensure that the baby is lying in an ergonomically correct position, take the coconut-latex mattress out of the hard carrycot and put it into the fabric cover of the Little Carryboard.

Available in 2 colours:

Siebenschläfer, Panther

34,90 €

Sizes & Care Instructions

Size: length: 66 cm, width: 30 cm
Fabric parts: 100% organic cotton
Inside: poplar wood

Wash only in delicate mode (30°C) with mild detergent.
ATTENTION: Mattress not included. The Little Carryboard is not compatible with the lambskin footmuff.

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