Keeps your hands warm

Pram Muff

The Naturkind pram muff radiates a touch of luxury. A luxury that you won’t want to do without as soon as you’ve cuddled your hands inside the muff for the first time. Guaranteed frost-free fingers in winter. The muff fits perfectly onto your Naturkind pram and is also suitable for other common models. Made from 100% Austrian lambskin.

Available in 4 colours:

Erdmännchen, Siebenschläfer, Kornblume, Panther

89,90 €

naturkind kinderwagen - warmer handmuff

Adjust It
to Your size

Simply fold the muff around the handlebar of your pram and secure it with snaps. You can also adjust it to the size of your hands.

naturkind kinderwagen - muff lammfell warm

A Colour to
Match the Pram

The lambskin muff is also a perfect visual match for your pram. You can choose from four colours that either match your model exactly or blend in harmoniously with the Naturkind colour palette.

Dimensions & Care Instructions

Size: length: 48 cm, width: 20 cm
Fabric parts: organic cotton
Fur: lambskin from Austrian sheep
Tanning type: medicinal tanning

Washable at up to 30  Celsius in the wool washing cycle using a special wool or fur detergent.
Since lambskin has a self-cleaning quality, it is advisable not to wash the fur, but to air it out repeatedly.

We Place Our Trust in Nature.

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