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About Naturkind

How long has Naturkind been around?

Founder Peter Doppler’s parent company was opened by his grandfather in 1947 as a locksmith’s shop in Gallneukirchen, Upper Austria. The vision of a pram free from harmful substances was born in 2005. After the challenging search for regional natural suppliers, the first Naturkind pram was ready on October 1st, 2006.

What distinguishes Naturkind from other pram manufacturers?

Naturkind is the only pram manufacturer to be GOTS-certified. This is an internationally recognised seal of approval for processing organic fibres. From the raw material to the finished material, maximum ecological and social standards must be adhered to. In a Naturkind pram, the baby does not come into contact with any pesticides, toxic dyes or allergenic chemicals.

Why is the maunfuacturing facility in Austria?

Because we either purchase our natural materials, such as organic cotton, organic sheep’s wool and wood directly from Austria, or have them processed here. We are on site, in constant contact with our partners, and nowhere else is the quality better. For us it is crucial that there are no transport routes halfway around the globe and that we promote the business of regional tradespeople. Most of our suppliers come from Germany and Switzerland or from neighbouring European countries.

Our short distances also ensure that further developments of the products are immediately incorporated into production. Numerous suggestions come from our employees themselves, including from several mothers who contribute their own experience in using prams. There is a decisive difference to the mass products coming from the assembly lines of the Far East.

Remaining natural and respectful use of our planet’s resources and a commitment to always source materials from the region: that has been our motto since the founding of our company.

Where can I buy a Naturkind pram?

You can buy our Naturkind prams and accessories directly from our website or from one of our specialist dealers. They are well trained and will be happy to advise you. The best thing to do is to use our dealer finder to find out where the nearest specialist dealer is in your area.

Can I visit Naturkind's facility?

You are welcome to visit us here in beautiful Upper Austria and see our manufacturing facility. We have all our models here as test vehicles so that you can try them out extensively and discover the differences in the handling and suspension features.

Are there demonstration models/discontinued models at Naturkind?

Since we produce to order here in the manufacturing facility, we do not have any discontinued models. After trade fairs/exhibitions, however, there are sometimes exhibition models with small paint flaws that we offer at a cheaper price.

Why does a Naturkind pram made with sustainable natural materials and manufactured in an Austrian manufacturing facility not cost more than well-known brands from the Far East?

We use our resources very sparingly and, as a family company, we think in the long term. And there are no investors who are only interested in returns. With our regional suppliers, we also save almost all the transport costs that arise for transporting the prams from the Far East.

Does Naturkind also support social initiatives?

We support a social initiative from Upper Austria that helps poor families in Romania/Transylvania. Many of these young families cannot afford prams and can only carry their children. We provide a contingent of prams for them every year.


My well-loved Naturkind pram is no longer needed after 2-3 children – Can there be a second and meaningful life for the pram?

 Yes – We are offering participation in a joint campaign in this respect. You send us your Naturkind pram, and we overhaul the whole pram, replace the necessary parts, and then gift this usable pram to our social initiative, which forwards the pram to socially needy parents in Romania.

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