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It is particularly important to us that all materials used are regularly checked for possible pollutants by independent testing institutes! The tests are carried out taking into account the guidelines of the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry (IVN) and the guidelines of the Austrian Ecolabel. It is our aim to produce a pram free of harmful substances.

Tests & Certificates

GOTS certificate

The confirmation of our ecological work through environmentally friendly certificates is very important to us. We are a GOTS-certified manufacturer.

Test: 31/07/2023

GOTS certificate (PDF, 150.4 kB)

Technology - safety - EN standard

Our Naturkind Lux pram is checked by TÜV Austria.
Last tested: 09.01.2024

Test: Lux Evo
TÜV certificate Lux Evo (PDF, 313.5 kB)

Our Naturkind Ida pram is checked by TÜV Austria.
Last tested: 09.01.2024

Test: Ida
TÜV certificate Ida (PDF, 313.5 kB)

Our Naturkind Varius Pro pram is tested by TÜV Thuringia.
Last tested: 09.04.2014

Test: Varius PRO, baby basket, carrycot
TÜV certificate Varius PRO (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Our Naturkind Vita pram is tested by TÜV Austria.
Last tested: 03.08.2017

Test: Vita
TÜV certificate Vita (PDF, 151.9 kB)

Sheep's wool from controlled organic animal husbandry

IMO certificate for the production of cotton according to the guidelines of the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry (IVN):
GOTS certificate (PDF, 95.5 kB)

Testing the chemical properties of the dyed cotton fabric:
Chemical test – Fabric 2013 (PDF, 142.7 kB)
Chemical test – Fabric 2014 (PDF, 222.5 kB)
Chemical test – Fabric 2018 (PDF, 391 kB)
Chemical test – Fabric 2021 (PDF, 329 kB)

UV protection / Fabric:
Result: excellent UV protection:
Test – UV protection (PDF, 82 kB)

Sheep's wool from controlled organic animal husbandry

The virgin sheep’s wool we use is supplied by an Austrian organic farm and processed into a fleece in Upper Austria.

Certification_sheep_wool (PDF, 86.9 kB)

Wool (PDF, 312 kB)


We do not use any synthetic materials for any of our straps: we only use straps made of cotton.

Testing the straps’ chemical properties:

Chemical test of the straps (PDF, 145.7 kB)


Our cork is of course free from heavy metals (chromium, lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.) and that is why our supplier has also been awarded the ECO certificate.

Testing the cork’s chemical properties:

Chemical test – cork (PDF, 303.6 kB)

Cotton fabric finished with potato starch

For our mosquito net we use a cotton fabric that has been treated with natural potato starch for better rigidity.

Testing the cotton fabric’s chemical properties:

Chemical test – Mosquito net (PDF, 325.2 kB)


Testing the wood’s chemical properties:

Chemical test – wood (PDF, 303.9 kB)

Coconut latex mattress

Testing the chemical properties of the coconut latex mattress:

Chemical test – coconut (PDF, 145.1 kB)

Metal parts

All metal parts are treated with European paints – and of course, only water-soluble paints are used.

Chemical test – metal (PDF, 122 kB)

Plastic parts

All plastic parts we use (air chamber tires, pneumatic tires, height adjustment) were examined for phthalates by the Austrian Federal Environment Agency. Phthalates were not found in any of the samples.

When the plastic parts were tested for PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), none were found.

Test report of Federal Environment Agency / Phthalates (PDF, 100.3 kB)

Chemical Test / PAK (PDF, 365 kB)

Rain cover

No phthalate plasticizers were detected in the rain cover either.

Chemical test / Phthalates (PDF, 391 kB)

Chemical test / Phenol (PDF, 226.9 kB)

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