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Sustainable pram from Naturkind

How your pram is processed

The Materials

Naturkind is the only pram manufacturer worldwide to be GOTS-certified. This is an internationally recognised seal of approval for processing organic fibres. From the raw material to the finished material, maximum ecological and social standards must be adhered to. We guarantee that your baby will not come into contact with any pesticides, toxic dyes or allergy-causing chemicals.

It is also very important for us that your child is correctly positioned while lying down from the beginning, and later also while sitting. A straight lying surface, high-quality mattress, and high backrest – our Naturkind prams meet all of these standands.

Our strollers are made from sustainable materials.

Organic cotton

Naturkind relies on cotton from certified organic cultivation. Why? For us it is crucial that the raw material does not contain any dangerous pesticides. But that’s not all: We want agricultural soils that remain fertile in the long term and farmers who are well paid for their work.

Organic virgin sheep’s wool

The cuddly virgin sheep’s wool from Naturkind comes from Styria and of course from controlled organic animal husbandry. The natural fiber is the perfect filling material, as it warms and at the same time is air-permeable and thus prevents heat build-up in the pram.

Coconut latex

In the Naturkind pram, babies lie on a coconut latex mattress. It has a supportive effect on the baby’s sensitive spine. Our mattresses are made from coconut fibres and natural latex. This is obtained from the latex of the rubber tree and has an antibacterial effect.


Ergonomically shaped cork offers safe and excellent seating comfort. Cork is light, very flexible and unbeatable in terms of its ecological balance. The raw material is obtained from the bark of the cork oak. The trees are not damaged, because the bark is only peeled off. Cork is also easy to recycle.


Wooden elements are integrated in the Naturkind pram. This is poplar wood. Poplars are the fastest growing native tree species and belong to the genus of deciduous trees. Our poplar wood comes from Austrian forests. It is cut to size for us in Upper Austria and worked into the right shape.


All Naturkind fur items are tanned by a traditional Tyrolean company. As one of the last Austrian tanneries, it treats the hides using an environmentally friendly and pollutant-free method: with the help of corn kernels. Our Naturkind skins are free from toxins and heavy metals.

Natural materials that leave your with baby nothing but your love. That is what Naturkind stands for.

Peter Doppler,  Naturkind founder

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