Pram craftsmanship being practiced at Naturkind

The Pram Manufacture

Lived craftsmanship & regional sourcing:

Our Naturkind manufacturing facility is located in the beautiful Mühlviertel in Upper Austria, surrounded by rolling hills. Every pram is made by hand and put through its paces. Only then does it leave our manufacturing facility and set off on a journey to families across Europe. Our suppliers come exclusively from Austria, Germany and neighbouring European countries.

Naturkind Kinderwagen works according to the highest ecological standards and is the only pram manufacturer to be GOTS-certified.

From Our Hands to Yours

We can’t think of anything nicer to do than making prams. Our work makes sense to us – we create a healthy environment for the little ones, maintain jobs through regional value creation, and we utilise the required resources with care.

When we send your Naturkind pram on its journey to you, we want your family to feel as comfortable with it as we do.

Handcrafted pram from Naturkind

Teamwork in the
Manufacturing Facility

With us, short distances ensure that improvements are immediately incorporated into production. Numerous suggestions come from the seven employees themselves, including several mothers who contribute their own experience in using prams.

The Focus is
on Your Needs

We are continuously developing our products. In doing so, we proceed as the needs require and receive input from those who know best : families with children. Our parents’ council puts us through our paces and suggests where improvements can be made in order to perform well in everyday life.

The Naturkind Story

A regionally manufactured pram in which babies only come into contact with healthy materials. That was the original idea of Naturkind’s founder, Peter Doppler. Today Naturkind is the only Austrian pram manufacturer and an eco-friendly pioneer.

Naturkind materials

It is very important to us that your baby only comes into contact with healthy materials. We use organic cotton, organic sheep’s wool, wood, cork and coconut in our prams.

On-site consultation

Our Naturkind specialist dealers look forward to explaining and demonstrating our prams to you in a detailed consultation. Convince yourself of our healthy materials on site.

Do you have any questions?

Would you like to know more about the Naturkind prams? Browse through our FAQ and find out everything from A for instructions to Z for certificates. Do you still have questions? Then feel free to contact us.

Numerous International Awards

The Naturkind Prams

Whether for the daily drive or a long journey, we have something for everyone.
All prams are available in two different model variations and in numerous colours.

Smart & sporty

A pleasure in its own right


The tried and tested one

Varius Pro

Smart & sporty

Lux Evo

A pleasure in its own right


The tried and tested one

Varius Pro