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Warming lambskin footmuffs, cosy footmuffs, practical diaper bag, seat cushions,mosquito net
and sunshade: Discover our sustainable Naturkind accessories and find the suitable extras for long walks.

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Pram accessories made from labskin

Lambskin footmuff

The Naturkind lambskin foot muff is the accessory for long winter walks. Usable up to toddler age and with a zip-off top. 100% from Austria.

naturkind kinderwagen - fußsack winter

Cosy footmuff

This footmuff can be adjusted to your child’s size as he or she grows using a simple zipper system. Warming organic cotton plush from controlled organic cultivation.

Pushchair accessories for Naturkind pushchairs


The Naturkind sunshade protects your child from too much sunlight. It can be easily attached to the pram and adjusted depending on the sun’s position.

naturkind kinderwagen - warmer kinderwagen muff lammfell

Pram muff

So that mum and dad can be cosy and warm too. Once you have had your hands in the Naturkind hand muff, you will never want to do without it. Ecologically tanned and available in four colours.

naturkind kinderwagen - lammfelleinlage zubehör

Diaper bag

The Naturkind diaper bag accompanies you and your baby on every trip. Wear it as a backpack or shoulder bag depending on the situation. Made from organic cotton.

naturkind kinderwagen - lammfelleinlage zubehör

Lambskin insert

A temperature-regulating and comfortably soft fur overlay, particularly suitable for the first few months in the baby basket and carrycot, and later as a seat cover in the pushchair.

Stroller accessories for all weather conditions

Diaper Clutch

Using the diaper clutch, you will always have your nappies and wet wipes within reach, including a washable changing mat. Convenient when you’re on the way.

naturkind kinderwagen - mückennetz

Rain cover

The rain caught you by surprise? The baby and pram will stay dry with the Naturkind rain cover. PVC-free weather protection made of PE film against dirt and moisture.

naturkind kinderwagen - baumwolleinlage

Mosquito net

Fell asleep in the pram? With the Naturkind mosquito net, your toddler will remain well protected against insects while taking a nap outdoors. Made from 100 % cotton.

naturkind kinderwagen - sitzschoner

Car seat adapter

The baby car seat adapter makes it easy to attach a car seat to the pram frame. Compatible with common baby car seats.

naturkind kinderwagen - sitzschoner

Organic cotton insert

The Naturkind cotton inlay is a helpful everyday companion for protecting the baby basket or carrycot and for easily removing little “accidents”.

naturkind kinderwagen - sitzschoner

Combi seat cover

Crumbs, applesauce or banana. The seat cover is ideal for quickly removing the remains of snacks. It is an easily washable cotton overlay that serves to protect the pram’s upholstery fabrics.

naturkind kinderwagen - baumwolleinlage

Safety Set

With the reflector set, you can push your pram safely along the street, any time of the day and under any weather conditions. Easily attachable at the pram.

naturkind kinderwagen - sitzschoner

Little Carryboard

The Little Carryboard allows you to transform your cosy footmuff into a carrying bag and to comfortably lift your baby out of the stroller. Particularly useful, when your baby is sleeping.

naturkind kinderwagen - sitzschoner

Rain cover Vita

The rain cover for the Vita model is easy to attach to the pram. This protects baby and pram from an unexpected downpour.

naturkind kinderwagen - sitzschoner

Adapter Varius Pro & Vita

You want to attach the car seat to the pram frame? It’s easy with the Naturkind car seat adapter. A practical aid for short journeys.

True sustainability –
down to the accessories.

Our special focus is to make ensure that the accessories are made from highest quality materials which are provided to us by mother nature. Organic cotton, organic virgin sheep’s wool, sheep’s skin with vegetable-based colouring, originating exclusively from Austria. As much as we care for the quality of our materials, we care for the longevity of our accessories. Therefore we develop products that can grow with your child and are so long-lasting that you can use them for more than one child. Sustainable, resource-friendly and, whenever possible, organic – this is what Naturkind stands for.

We Place Our Trust in Nature.

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