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Spare parts

For all Naturkind prams

Our Naturkind prams have been developed in such a way that they can be repaired without great effort if necessary.
We hope that you will enjoy your pram for a long time and that you can pass it on to family or friends when you no longer need it.

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Pram spare parts from Naturkind

True sustainability –
down to the accessories.

Our special focus is to make ensure that the accessories are made from highest quality materials which are provided to us by mother nature. Organic cotton, organic virgin sheep’s wool, sheep’s skin with vegetable-based colouring, originating exclusively from Austria. As much as we care for the quality of our materials, we care for the longevity of our accessories. Therefore we develop products that can grow with your child and are so long-lasting that you can use them for more than one child. Sustainable, resource-friendly and, whenever possible, organic – this is what Naturkind stands for.

We Place Our Trust in Nature.
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