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Heating pad for babies - Gentle warmth for your little one
Heating pad

Our new heating pad for babies is the ideal companion for your baby in case of tummy ache, discomfort or colic. Made from 100% organic cotton, it provides natural and gentle warmth that soothes and relaxes. Thanks to the 3-chamber filling, nothing can slip. The heat cushion can also be used as a cooling cushion to provide relief for milk stasis or minor injuries.

  • Material: top side made of fine organic muslin, underside made of cuddly organic cotton plush
  • Filling: High-quality spelt from Upper Austria, 3-chamber filling that prevents slippage
  • Weight: Lightweight 140g, ideal for the delicate bodies of newborns and toddlers
  • Versatility: Can be used as a heat pad or cooling pad

Benefits of our heating pad:

  • Soothing warmth: Effectively helps with tummy aches, tummy cramps and colic
  • Safe and practical: The 3-chamber filling keeps the filling in place and ensures even heat distribution
  • Gentle and natural: With 100% organic cotton materials to protect your baby’s sensitive skin
  • Light and handy: With a filling weight of 140g, the pillow is light enough for everyday use



Baby Lammfellsack für Kinderwagen
Relaxed warmth for baby's well-being
Are you wondering how and when best to use a heating pad? Babies and especially newborns love and need warmth. With our spelt-filled pillow you can pre-warm the baby carriage or crib. Does your baby seem out of round and is struggling with their tummy? The heat cushion radiates a cozy warmth and is simply good.
Baby Lammfellsack für Kinderwagen
No slipping due to 3-chamber filling
The division into three chambers prevents the entire filling from slipping to one side and thus the pillow from your baby's tummy. The weight of the heat pad is perfectly suited to the delicate physique of a newborn baby.

Dimensions & Care Instructions

19 11 cm
Cover: organic cotton GOTS 100 %, filling: organic spelt from Upper Austria
The heat pad can easily be heated in the microwave (at 800 watts for max. 40 seconds) or in the oven (at 120°C for approx. 1.5 minutes). Make sure to check the temperature before use to ensure comfortable warmth for your baby. To use as a cooling pillow, simply place the pillow in the fridge.


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