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Technical questions

Are there any spare parts for my Naturkind pram?

As a company that is concerned about sustainability, we offer every spare part for everything to do with prams. We prefer to use screw connections (where stability and safety allow) so that you can replace a part yourself quickly and easily.

Where can I find the right spare part?

You are welcome to send us a photo of the required spare part. We will be happy to give you the item number and the contact information for the nearest Naturkind dealer.

How many kg can I put in the shopping basket?

Due to its structural characteristics, heavier shopping items should not be attached to the handlebars but should be transported in the shopping basket. Depending on the model, up to 5 kg are permissable.

Can I jog with the Naturkind pram?

Unfortunately, the European pram standard, EN1888, prohibits skating or jogging with a pram.

What is the difference between the Lux and Vita models?

The main difference is the handling and suspension properties. The Lux model is very comfortable to manoeuvre in the city with its movable front wheels – in addition, both front and rear wheels have excellent suspension. The Vita model has 4 fixed wheels with individual wheel suspension. This suspension system cushions every bump on uneven ground, thus providing your baby with soft, rocking suspension.

Can the front wheels be locked on the LUX model?

Yes – you can fix the front wheels quickly and easily.

Can you turn the seat unit on the Naturkind pram?

Yes – the seat unit can be turned very quickly and easily on all Naturkind models.

Which sibling board fits onto the Naturkind pram?

We recommend the Buggy Board Maxi from the company Lascal. This sibling board fits all of our pram models.

Is there a way to extend the handlebar?

Yes – We offer a 5-cm longer handlebar for the Lux and Varius Pro. If you state this request when purchasing, there will be no additional costs for you, as we will plan for that in the production for your Naturkind pram here in our manufacturing facility. If you later want an extended handlebar, you can order later it as a spare part at any time.

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