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Interesting facts about prams

What should you generally consider when buying a pram?

That question should be viewed from the perspective of the parents and the child.

A straight surface is important for the healthy development of the baby’s and toddler’s spine – In the baby basket, the baby should lie on a high-quality mattress for the first few months. In the first months of life, the baby should look at calm colours in that pram sky: bright colours are not recommended for that period.

When the toddler can sit independently at around 7-8 months, you can switch to the seat unit, which should have a high backrest of at least 50 cm and the straps should be adjustable so that they grow with the child.

It is very important that the seat unit is designed in such a way that the child up to around one and half years of age can look at the parents, otherwise children are overwhelmed with the many impressions and they miss out on eye contact with the parents.

Parents should consider where they are going to use it: whether they will tend to be in the city more and need a manoeuvrable pram, or whether they will be more in a rural area, at which point very good suspension is important. If the pram will often be transported in the car, then it should be possible to quickly collapse the frame and it should fit well in the trunk.

Safety is very important – The pram should comply with the European pram standard, 1888.

What types of prams are there?

There are purely lie-down prams, then there are pushchairs, combination prams, tricycle prams, twin and sibling prams, and buggies.

Since purely lie-down prams are only used up to the age of approximately 10-12 months of age and pushchairs are recommended from approximately 1 year of age, people maninly purchase combination prams these days. These can used initially with a carrycot for the newborn baby, and later it can be converted into a pushchair with the seat unit.

Naturkind also offers vegan prams. What does that mean?

We normally fill our pram covers with pure Austrian sheep’s wool. Sheep’s wool is temperature-regulating and therefore warms in winter and is air-permeable in summer.
For customers with an animal hair allergy or who do not want any animal products to be used, we offer a filling with organic cotton as an alternative.

When can you turn the seat unit so that the child can look in the direction of travel?

A tip from our midwives: Children are only developed enough to be able to process the impressions from an age of over one and a half years of age. Please note that when looking in the direction of travel, direct eye contact between the child and his or her parents is not possible, which exposes the child to a higher level of stress. Therefore, please do not turn the seat unit in the direction of travel too early.

Why does Naturkind offer a straight lying surface?

At Naturkind, ergonomics are very important for babies and toddlers as well as for their parents! A crucial point coming out of the cooperation with our consulting midwives and physiotherapists was that the child must have a straight lying surface in the pushchair. You sleep best when lying stretched out.

The backrest of the Lux model is very long at 52 cm. Why?

We have a group of parents who always contribute ideas and wishes. One of the wishes of this group was to have a very long backrest on the new Lux model. With a length of now 52 cm, we have been happy to fulfil this wish: now older children also have an even better ergonomic posture in the seat unit. This sitting position is also supported by a cork seat frame, which enables the child to sit with good posture.

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